Trend Report - Lanscaping 2022

Dated: May 13 2022

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Landscape Upgrades

Ways to enhance your outdoor space

Nature, earth and the environment has a direct impact on our wellness and health. Gardening and landscape have expanded past planting a few plants and the placement of potted flowers. Creating a peaceful environment essentially means building your wellness bubble. Let's look at these great trends on how to enhance your outdoor space. 

Maximize Space with Planters

Being practical in your outdoor space is the primary consideration. What a great way to maximize space and fill space both large and small than with planters! Use your outdoor space to its fullest potential by bringing greenery to your current outdoor esthetic. 

Mazimize Space

Pond Resurgence

In 2022, we will be seeing the return of ponds. The essence of soothing sounds and being close to water is essential to any garden. This time more than ever will strive to create a calming space both inside and outside the home. Seek tranquillity by adding a pond in any format in the midst of your plants and flowers. 

Kid-Friendly Gardens

Ensuring that there is a great and inviting space for the whole family. An appealing garden wouldn't translate the same from an adult compared to a child. Ensuring that there are spaces tailored to everyone in the family will be a strong trend that everyone will want to put into practice. 

Outdoor Entertainment

Blur the lines between indoors and out! What these past years have shown is that we need space and being outdoors is of the utmost importance. Being influenced by nature and earth elements, bringing comfort to the outdoors will extend the relaxation outside. The outdoor space is what every home is looking to upgrade for the wow factor. 

Laying Natural Materials Around Plants 

Mixing materials and colours are just as important outside as it is inside. Keeping the outdoor space looking natural is very important in 2022. Mixing natural materials such as stone and wood around plants and gardens can allow the space to feel seamless.

Mix of Pastels and Fiery Colours

Play with colours, textures and tones with your outdoor plants! The major trend this year is to mix soft pastels with fiery colouring. Amplify and create dimension in a different way. The time is now to move away from the typical colourings of green and incorporate colour in the small and large areas of the landscape.

Successional Gardens

Enjoy your garden all year round and move away from seasonal plants. Establish a solid evergreen structure when moving towards this in the landscape. The thought is to build a good foundation for a strong backbone for resistant plants. Flowering plants and splashes of colour can match any style.

Organic Gardening

Organic has come far away from being a trend. It is not a staple and more of a desire for many gardens and homeowners alike. Sustainability is the focus when it comes to going organic. Avoiding chemicals and adding elements to improving the soil will support diversity in your garden. 

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