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Dated: April 19 2023

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The Slow Living Space Lifestyle

What is slow living?

Slow living is essentially a lifestyle that promotes a more relaxed approach to life, rather than constantly pushing ourselves to stay busy. It emphasizes the importance of appreciating small pleasures in life, such as a sunny day or a good cup of coffee, and focuses on activities or moments that bring us happiness and ease our stress. Mindfulness is a key aspect of this lifestyle, as it encourages us to be present in the moment and form connections with those around us.

What is a slow-living home?

Slow living at home is more than just a passing fad - it's a way of life. A slow-living home isn't about aesthetics that are Instagram-ready, but rather about designing a space that is both practical and enjoyable for you. When you create a slow-living home, your goal should be to create a space that lets you escape from the chaos of the outside world and prioritizes relaxation and pleasure. Additionally, it's crucial that your home reflects your unique personality and that you design it to complement your lifestyle and meet your needs.

These are 10 great ways of creating your slow-moving home:

1. A calm environment is key

To escape from the daily grind, your home should function as a sanctuary where you can unwind and release tension. Designing a serene interior environment can help ease your body and mind. Begin with nature-inspired elements, such as muted colours, natural furnishings, and light tones. Explore biophilic design for inspiration, as it has been proven to enhance brain function, physical and mental well-being, reduce stress, and boost creativity.

2. Adopt the principles of hygge

If you can't find comfort in your own home, where else can you? The Danish have mastered the art of coziness, or Hygge, which describes as creating a warm and inviting atmosphere and enjoying life's simple pleasures with good company. Hygge can be felt in the warm glow of candlelight or while snuggling up with a loved one for a movie.

To incorporate Hygge into your own home, use natural earthy colours that bring the outdoors in, lighting candles, and getting cozy with blankets and pillows. Slow down and be mindful and savour the present moment.

3. Use natural lighting whenever possible

We could always use more light! Exposure to daylight has been linked to boosting our well-being and mood and is excellent for making us feel more awake and energized. In the home, natural light can make a room lighter and brighter and give the feeling of more space. 

Take advantage of natural light wherever possible. Open the curtains during the day and place mirrors opposite sun-facing windows. Consider your lighting options and choose an ambience that soothes the space and the soul.

4. Select artwork thoughtfully

When decorating your walls with artwork, take a less is more approach to avoid it becoming overwhelming. Choosing new art can be a beautiful process if you take the time to find pieces that speaks to you. Don't overwhelm every wall with art but choose large statement wall art to anchor the room. 

A great place to buy art can be a local art gallery such as 13th Street Art Gallery

5. Create a space to unwind

Everyone deserves a personal space that suits their needs, particularly if you live in a bustling household and seek some solitude after a hectic day. Create an area in your home that you can utilize as a sanctuary. It can be a little reading nook or a spot for meditation. Ensure that this space is inviting and secure, allowing you to unwind effortlessly when you need it the most. Add a cozy blanket, comfortable lighting or a glimpse of nature.

6. Less is more 

It's a well-known fact that clutter and mess can make it impossible to feel relaxed. They increase our stress levels, making it difficult to unwind, sleep well, or tap into our creativity. On the other hand, an organized environment creates a sense of calm and brings attention to the aspects of our home that we love the most. Remove any unnecessary items and clear out the mess from your home. Get rid of things that no longer serve a purpose in your life in an environmentally friendly way, and donate or sell the rest.

7. Reshuffle your space 

Change up a room if it isn't functional for you. You don't need to buy anything new but you can upcycle existing furniture can make the space work better for your needs and achieve a great change. 

8. Choose a sustainable option if possible

Consider selecting items with extended lifespans that you will use for several years to come, as slow living implies. By choosing environmentally friendly and sustainable options, you prevent unnecessary waste and make a small contribution to the environment. You don't have to be perfect in your efforts, but attempting to live in a more sustainable manner is a win-win situation.

9. Design your home to work for you

Consider your daily routine, lifestyle, and the things that bring you joy. Focus on functionality and comfort when designing your home to suit your needs. Prioritize your desired home atmosphere and usage over following trends or styles. Determine your preferences for ambiance, whether it's a subdued or a textured and patterned space.

10. Buy less but buy better

To make your home truly meaningful, it's important to be mindful of what you bring into it. By making thoughtful purchases, your belongings will hold more significance and last longer. Your home will become a space that brings you happiness and comfort, rather than just a place to live. Take into account how each item makes you feel, whether it's a large piece of furniture or a small accessory.

For other great ways of creating a slow-living home or how to invest in real estate, get in touch with me direct! 

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