Top 10 Christmas Decorating Trends 2021

Dated: December 1 2021

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Christmas 2021 will inspire feelings of hope, happiness and joy more than ever before. After a difficult 2020, this year will be set to bring back uplifting spirit, togetherness and comfort. Bringing back traditions will allow us to refocus on what the holidays were all about. 

Here are the top 10 Christmas Trends for 2021

1. Modern Fraser Fir 

Full in body, this tree is much larger in volume providing a larger canvas for decor. Gaining popularity throughout the UK and wider in Europe, this tree is perfect for those looking for a change this holiday season. Do not be too focused on asymmetry, a natural-looking tree will give the feeling of true nature brought into the home.

2. Metallic Christmas

Golds and silvers will come on top to bring warmth this festive season. Although you will see both colours, gold will reign supreme. With the cold vibe of the outdoors, the warmth of metallics will add both contrast and depth to a holiday design. This colour pairing will allow it to fit into any home.

3. Sustainability

The focus on sustainability is not only a trend but here to stay. The demand for recycled glassware, reusable items such as crackers and repurposed decor will be key for the holidays. Anything from paper-mâché decorations to hand-crafted items and recycled glass will be an easy way of both celebrating the holidays and being focused on the global impact. Don't fret, by turning to any of these options, it will still give the warmth, texture and sparkle of Christmas.

4. Nostalgic Décor

With this past year holding us back from the usual way of celebrating, we will see a focus back on tradition. This Christmas, get ready to tear at those heartstrings in evoking memories when deciding on décor ideas. The nostalgia of things such as passed down tablecloths and vintage ornaments will remind us of what the true meaning of the holidays. This doesn't mean that you can't blend the old with the new. Feel free to blend both new decorations with your old or new vintage gems at shows or internet auctions. 

5. DIY Decorations

This is the time to get creative! What not a better way than taking everything into your own hands to make the holidays personable. Gather items from around the house, outdoors or at a local craft store to create beautiful ornaments, garlands or wreaths. This family activity will be sure to bring everyone together to feel proud of every hand-made decoration. 

6. Tree Skirts or Tree Collars

It's all about going for more of a modern look to show a clean and boutique feel to holiday décor. The addition of a tree collar will cover up the base of the tree that no one wants to showcase. Present a theme from the top of your tree to the base by incorporating your inspired colour and texture.

7. Christmas Gonks

These charming festive characters are sure to raise a smile. These little figures with long bushy beards and knitted hats were popular in 2020 and are making a bigger comeback for 2021. You can poise these characters on the steps of stairs, beneath the Christmas tree or on a mantel. Expand your gonk characters with other gonk-themed products such as gonk bedding and gonk baubles.

8. White Christmas

Think white on white on white. Soft, crisp and warm will bring the snowy days of Christmas inside. You can pair both clean cool tones with warm whites in any form. Texturing any form of white will be the perfect way to celebrate and keep everything looking clean. 


9. Capiz Shells

These stunning shells of windowpane oysters, known as capiz shells will be a great pairing this festive season. The way they shimmer in the light with their delicate appearance will be sure to dazzle any home. Add it to any décor item or have them on a string of their own.

10. Houseplants

Indoor plants are always great to decorate your home all year round but houseplants are a great way to gift! Perfect to decorate a coffee table, bookshelf or fireplace, adding houseplants to any room of the house will be sure to add a little sparkle and warmth to Christmas. Want to take it up a notch? - add twinkling lights to a small potted plant or garland around a mini Christmas tree!

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Top 10 Christmas Decorating Trends 2021

Christmas 2021 will inspire feelings of hope, happiness and joy more than ever before. After a difficult 2020, this year will be set to bring back uplifting spirit, togetherness and comfort.

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