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6 Steps to Financial Happiness

6 Steps to Financial HappinessWhen it comes to finances, it can make or break any relationship. Finding a common ground and having clear and respectful communication is key to discussing financial

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Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen faucets & how to choose the right one for your homeThe kitchen faucet is often an overlooked element when it comes to designing a functional kitchen. However, it is an essential feature

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The Slow Living Home

The Slow Living Space LifestyleWhat is slow living?Slow living is essentially a lifestyle that promotes a more relaxed approach to life, rather than constantly pushing ourselves to stay busy. It

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Neutral Paint Colours That Work in Every Room

Neutral Paint Colours That Will Work in Every RoomNeutral tones are the baseline of a home. You may be thinking that neutrals are simply white and beige but there is so much more to explore! These

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